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23th Bohui ended successfully total passenger traffic rose 16.7%
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:29 ReadNum:
April 22nd, 23rd Foshan Tao Bohui ushered in the end. After five days of the exhibition, exhibitors generally reflect turnover optimistic, but the total is a record high passenger Bohui, total passenger traffic reached 77,000 passengers, an 21th Spring Festival Bohui rise 16.7%, compared with 22 in autumn session Bohui increased by 10.1%. Among them, the dealers, designers, real estate and other related professional buyers accounted for more than 25% of total passenger traffic.
At the same time, this exhibition of international buyers accounted for 13% of total passenger traffic, reaching more than 10,000 people, an 21th overall 20.3% increase in passengers, up 39.9% over the total number 22nd. Distribution area ratios were: Southeast Asia, the Middle East accounted for about 55% of the Arab region, Africa accounted for about 10%, about 12% of Europe, South America, North America accounted for about 13%, about 10% in other regions. 23th overall passenger flow exceeded expectations, has an important relationship with the global economic rebound, the international procurement requirements have increased significantly for the Chinese ceramics industry in 2014 to break new ground foundation.
In terms of China Ceramics City Hall, the first emperor of the ceramic magnetic ceramic exhibition city hall, the launch of Ramses products by designers, domestic dealers welcomed five days the exhibition received more than 10 from Harbin and other places a strong intention of customers; from Shandong launched a unified Asian cast ceramic products also are favorable for the harvest to the publicity and unexpected outcome of the transaction.
China Ceramics Exhibition Hall headquarters aspect, the products on display these days, many are widely favored customers. Portobello tile stone-wood series, Balenciaga composite Seiko wax cast antique tiles, ancient ship teak wood tile Forbidden City series, the United States and Chinese ceramic thick crystal jade, Sheng painted backdrop, Min Hang ceramic granite lines and other products widely sought after to give a high turnover rate. It is understood that suit particular style, have more personality on behalf of dealers most popular products.
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