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Yin Hong: pollution ceramic enterprises under the sword
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:29 ReadNum:
Year, Zhaoqing City Environmental Protection Bureau issued a "Zhaoqing City building ceramics enterprise environmental management specification (Trial) Implementation Plan" clearly put forward to the end of September 2014, all the city's building ceramics enterprises rectification to achieve "management practices" requirements. That was not enough, and then they claim Zhaoqing areas from April 15 the city ceramic enterprises can not be a stable discharge standards to limit production by 50%. May 9, Foshan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held key industries air pollution control work conference, all ceramic enterprises have been put on the table. Foshan City, also introduced a similar "Foshan air pollution control action to implement the program (2014-2017)", which specifically for the ceramic industry, "deepening governance embodiment (draft) Foshan Ceramic Industry air pollution", Foshan City Vice Mayor personally and individually named 108 companies will emphasize family planning will be like grasping task as pollution.
These two pieces of news Foshan ceramics, ceramic Zhaoqing, Guangdong ceramics is absolutely shocking, explosive, April and May in contact with the ceramic enterprises are basically talking about two things. But on a common platform (newspapers, microblogging, letter, etc.) almost no discussion, only consistent with the official media reported the official sample. A friend asked me, "Foshan Ceramics year closed down or transferred during the height (07, 08), you are for the industry, a lot of companies to issue sound, how did this voice, you did not see the column in this regard." Reflect're right, now when is the right response to an explanation.
The reason why I should not have said that the first time to respond to the linear pollution abatement action because I do not have specific requirements for local industry associations, and no real job in any specific industry associations, not the first time the reaction Tao rate Appeal responsibilities, and this should be left to the representative of the glorious mission of ceramic enterprises local industry associations, and they can choose not to do anything.
The new government work report made it clear that "heavy blows to strengthen pollution control, pollution and resolutely to war," the government-round social war to pollution, while ordinary people are still worried about the still basic food safety, still do not understand more and more the fog and haze constitution, whose greatest contribution remains a mystery? specific demands of a little ceramic enterprises like nothing. Social terms, the government is always justified, and is always justified. Ten years ago the South China Sea Party Secretary Ren Zhaoqing Mayor tone, as if overnight, it will attract a large number of ceramic enterprises in Foshan, Zhaoqing, but also attract a large number of ceramic enterprises in Fujian, then attract ceramic enterprises, rational development of ceramic industry, today remediation Tao enterprise (let you stop 50%) or justified. Like 30 years ago, family planning, release the second child is now justified, despite the scale of family planning or the social compensation fee of over 20 billion yuan and the whereabouts of a mystery.
Both for the ceramic enterprises pollution control or regulation, it is ultimately doomed to be a large area of ​​selective enforcement. Because so far, the government introduced the bill basically all remediation to 2010 of the mandatory national standard "ceramic industry emission standards" (GB25464-2010), based on the basic reality proved up to the mandatory national standards All emission standard ceramic enterprises should not yet born. So the industry was described, this "industry colleagues are all horrified," that after October 2010 in all legal aspects of ceramic enterprises have no basis for any fight, only to be eligible for selection. Although ceramic enterprises in Guangdong Foshan ceramic enterprises are mostly through cleaner production audit, if the government requires a super clean production, then that is the flagship of cleaner production will not help.
To declare war on pollution, the central government so that local governments do so, as the year to catch the same family planning, as is the so-called performance-linked, as regards Chiaki power crime family planning does not seem to comment on when, as if, like the Three Gorges Dam . To declare war on pollution ceramic industry, but did not clear the ceramic industry for fog and haze PM2.5 and how much contribution. Local governments blindly claim to know ceramic enterprises using natural gas or liquefied natural gas, that does not guarantee the supply does not guarantee the price, "from coal to gas," the rule is considered haze weapon engineering local government, are being exacerbated by the government refers to the gas shortage the culprit is the academic refers to produce more nitrogen oxides, PM2.5 worsening situation. Chinese government to engage in politics like to engage in sports, the economy also like to engage in sports catch, catch now environmental pollution still like to engage in sports, to engage in vigorous, not enough emphasis on lower levels of government. Social progress and economic development, steady and gradual, probably is another round of scenery.
2014 overall downward trend in economic growth, environmental protection and pollution affect certain areas of the tile in the output, for the time being it as a balance to China's rapid development of ceramic tile production capacity, the industry as a whole mentality has somewhat balanced and calm , the entire industry will develop in dynamic equilibrium with Chinese characteristics of the socialist market economy. And the line and the development of pollution control under the sword of ceramic enterprises how to move forward?
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