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First China International Ceramics Fair held in May
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:28 ReadNum:
It is reported by the China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Building Materials Industry Branch of CCPIT Guangdong Ceramic Association, more than 30 China building and sanitary ceramic products backbone enterprises jointly organized the "First China International Ceramics products Exhibition "will be Unveiled on May 21-24 in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. The exhibition will be held concurrently with China International Ceramics technical equipment and building health ceramic sanitary ware products exhibition, a "sister event" under a theme.
According to the China Building Materials Federation and China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association released data show that in 2013 the national production of 9.69 billion square meters of ceramic tiles; sanitary ceramics production more than 210 million; the country's total exports of ceramic sanitary ware products reached 17.87 billion US dollars of various types of buildings , about 60% of annual global production, is truly the world's largest ceramics producer.
However, Chinese ceramics rapid internationalization process, but suffered an embarrassing situation. With DU and he said that although the Chinese ceramic industry in the world ceramic industry occupies a pivotal position, but to lead the world trend of development of ceramics, product design trends have a long way to go. Meanwhile, the high level of trade show held abroad, for our exhibitors set up many unreasonable threshold. Therefore, the "First China International Ceramic Fair will be held, timely act."
Asians to build their own exhibition
Secretary-General of China Ceramic Industry Association, Tao Tao, general manager of Beijing Exhibition Co. 吴跃飞 introduced to the guests of the "First China International Ceramic Exhibition" in the preparations for the organization. Wuyue Fei said that compared with other industry exhibition, exhibition for exhibitors to further enhance their innovation capability. "We set up a review exhibitors access system, just to show with our own research and development, brand and corporate open original design capabilities, to copying and imitation products exhibition." And this access system has also been a large number of exhibitors welcome and support.
Chinese pottery industry to accelerate the process of internationalization
At the meeting, with DU and admitted that "China Building Ceramic industry has two weaknesses, namely lack of originality in product design and the lack of an international exhibition platform, but could not stop the internal outside the storm of our ceramic products into the international level, to develop the international market pace. the first China international ceramics products Exhibition will be held, timely act. "
"Organizers want to build a good platform to expand trade, build brands, big industry, gathering strength of the whole industry together to create a first-class scale, the strength of first-class international exhibition of ceramic products. Rising industrialization and international level, the real lead the development of the industry and upgrade play a catalytic role to accelerate to enhance the international status of China's ceramic industry. "Du and held on with inaugural China international ceramics Exhibition of products made higher requirements and expectations.
With industry organizations and national cooperation mechanisms, the exhibition organizing committee consisting of a number of work teams to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Spain, the United States organized the exhibition promotion activities, attracted enthusiastic response. Countries will be invited to tour Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia to visit and purchase during the exhibition.
While the Guangzhou press conference, the organizers also just in the domestic large number of recommended activities to a similar event previously held in Foshan, Beijing and other places, caused every industry and media sensation. It is reported that in the next marketing campaign, there are Shanghai and other cities.
Organizers official said, China International Ceramics Exhibition product creation, aiming at creating a Chinese enterprises and the Asia-Pacific enterprises have the right to speak and autonomy, it is possible to enhance the influence of Chinese ceramics brand, let the world know China ceramic industry stage. Show goal is not only to build the East exhibition, but also to strive to achieve transcendence and lead the world, and establish China's influence in the world ceramic industry.
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