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Ceramic tile industry status quo and future trend analysis
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:27 ReadNum:
With rising fuel prices and the relative shortage of ceramic raw materials, ceramic production costs are way up. Due to continuous implementation of the price of a few years ago, the vast majority of ceramic enterprises almost no profit at all.
Rising costs, companies faced selling at a loss, and build brands, develop new products of high degree of difficulty, aimed at high profit margins high-end market has become an inevitable choice for some companies. Currently, many tile manufacturers to market new products, many of which are on before converting products in the form only. The situation is a direct result of frequent new tile market, thriving surface, but in fact probably will produce some foam.
Currently, the tile industry is still facing companies blindly increase production, new enterprises are emerging, production and insufficient innovation battle in full swing and many other issues. Due to the current ceramics is not yet mature and norms, and the market demand, which gives a lot of small businesses provide living space. But the ceramic industry increasingly competitive, stubbornly high raw material prices, which also makes some companies use inferior materials, price degraded quality of their products simply can not be guaranteed. The fierce price war, though not as before, but still exists, more businesses use pricing strategies to squeeze the domestic or foreign market the same, no doubt fancies, the last is the loser.
It is reported, how to maintain the healthy development of the ceramic tile industry, have to be controlled from the source ceramics market, targeting high-end market had become the enterprise development strategies, strengthen self-discipline producers own behavior, from raw materials to strictly control the production process to ensure product quality stability will also depend on is not environmentally friendly. By efforts to improve the technological content of products to increase innovation, in order to achieve sustainable development.
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