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Ceramic industry remains high anti-dumping investigation
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:27 ReadNum:
In recent years, China's ceramic industry continues to face foreign anti-dumping investigation, which is directly on the ceramic exports had a great impact. Frequent anti-dumping investigation of China's ceramic market test of endurance, it also can not help feeling, where the ceramic industry in the end made a public outrage?
Recently, the European Commission staff to Liling, conduct field investigations on ceramics for daily anti-dumping cases. Of the surveyed enterprises in Hunan Hualian Porcelain relevant responsible person said: calm face, calmly surveyed. Field survey conducted by the European Commission present the full implementation of closed-end run. Investigation team through discussion, view the production site, verification of financial information, etc., to understand the basic situation of enterprises, information and financial data as well as export production since anti-dumping cases filed changes in the market situation and verify the application and the case of the questionnaire responses provided, and collect relevant evidence. Hualian Porcelain relevant responsible person said, as was a sample survey of enterprises, which is a severe test. Because once lost, enterprises will be heavily taxed, forced to withdraw from the EU market. But at the same time, this is an opportunity for enterprises. If the Commission finds that the final arbitration Hualian dumping margin low or no dumping, then the business in the EU market and obtain low tariffs or even zero-tariff treatment. According porcelain library Chinese Xiao Bian understand, the Commission's preliminary results are expected to be out until the end of the year.
July 13, Xiao Bian from Weihai City, Shandong Province Bureau of Commerce, in the first half, a total of Weihai suffered two foreign anti-dumping investigations, involving ceramic tableware, kitchen utensils, and truck and bus tires, a total of four companies involved in the case, involving up to 1219.3 Ten thousand U.S. dollars. According to reports, these two are anti-dumping investigations the EU for Weihai ceramic tableware and kitchenware initiated, as well as anti-dumping investigation in Colombia for Weihai truck and bus tires launched, ceramic tableware and kitchenware anti-dumping investigations, involving $ 593,000, accounting for involving the province's 1.0%.
Under the impact of anti-dumping investigations, some of the EU ceramics dealer and order is slowly reduce imports of Chinese ceramics. Chinese ceramics for daily business appears more than once "orders Tide" and "Order shortage" phenomenon coexist. On the one hand, due to the order cycle, some European customers on the sidelines, while on the other hand, some European customers want before the anti-dumping investigation results released grab "last pot of gold", advance orders shipped. However, in this case, China's ceramics do not mark territory, but actively looking for opportunities to broaden the market, he moved south to other countries. Xiao Bian learned that, despite the anti-dumping investigation by Liling ceramics, the order for the EU buyers declined, but due to the success of emerging markets such as Brazil and other South American countries, an export object or part of the business turnover increased . Of course, he moved his office can only be a temporary solution.
Trade friction and the increasingly competitive market today, the anti-dumping has become synonymous with "trade protectionism" and "restrict freedom of competition". Antidumping intention is to prevent "discriminatory international prices of exporters," that is, "the exporter practices or lower than their fair value can be estimated selling price in the importing country", the result of such price discrimination is "directly to the importing country related industries caused substantial damage. "However, anti-dumping is regarded as a weapon in many countries to protect their domestic industries, it has become a" trade protectionism, "the new means. In addition, anti-dumping has also been used in some countries companies crowding out foreign competitors, especially foreign manufacturers that offer inexpensive products. Some countries protect domestic industries to develop economic policy the government seems more concerned about protecting the interests of domestic manufacturers. It is worth noting that many anti-dumping measures are aimed at newly industrialized countries. The rich countries of labor, have a competitive advantage in labor-intensive exports, while the anti-dumping may hinder the efficient allocation of resources on a global scale to a certain extent, and restricting economic development in these countries. Our ceramic industry will inevitably have to become common knowledge.
As long as companies importing country formally filed anti-dumping lawsuits, generally able to have an impact on import restrictions, even if the final anti-dumping is held to be not true. Because during the proceedings to award, on the one hand, manufacturers often importing countries fear the establishment of anti-dumping, and turn to third country imports; on the other hand, exporting firms responding not only to spend enormous financial, material and human resources, but also very likely losing ; Furthermore, the burden of proof lies exporter manufacturers, especially the lack of experience of some developing countries and professionals, international trade law unfamiliar environment, keep up-country coordination, and decision rights falls on the importing country, so resulting in rights and obligations of the parties does not like. More initiative and adjudication rests in the hands of the importing country, the apparent lack of fairness. In this case, it is the developed countries reluctant antidumping lawsuit, China's ceramic industry in the United States and Europe to accept the frequent anti-dumping investigation process, losses are inevitable.
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