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Traditional ceramics market facing multiple challenges
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:22 ReadNum:
With the rapid development of Chengdu urban economy and accelerate the process of integration of urban and rural areas, the government will be re-planning of urban land, traditional building materials market will face the fate of being relocated. According to "Chengdu commodity market layout planning (2009-2020)" is displayed, along with urbanization and urban expansion of volume, the traditional business market from the original old city developed into an internal peripheral area, traffic congestion and logistics is not smooth, etc. inconvenience factors have become increasingly prominent. Meanwhile, the Chengdu city land resources are increasingly tight, increasingly expensive land. Traditional building materials market wide footprint, inefficient use of land space, benefit from the integrated use of urban land in terms of traditional building materials and real estate market certainly can not be compared. Articles from Tao City Network
Qingbaijiang is new building materials industry and the logistics base in Chengdu determined as a centralized development area, will build the building and decorating, metal materials, hardware, electronics and other types of professional-based building materials market, the formation of "one-stop" building materials market cluster; the same time, fully integrated relocation of some of the old downtown market, and promote the professional market the park. Green Dragon, White Lotus, building materials market is expected in the next one to two years will be a whole moved to qingbaijiang park, and 512 building materials market, Fuson • US home, River House building materials market will face the fate of the whole relocation.
Emerging leader in store management
Redstar, Oriental homes, even homes as domestic retail building materials industry "predators", capital strength, when it entered the market in Chengdu fast and violent, expand intensive and sustained campaign to make consumers Guamu. It also gives Chengdu traditional ceramics market has brought a greater competitive pressures.
These new stores and most traditional building materials market compared in terms of management philosophy, management system, promotional packaging, chain brand, after sales service, shopping environment, have an advantage. And these new stores, the store itself is a strong brand, excellent brand industry settled achieve a combination of store brand and product brands. Where consumers can rest assured consumption, basically do not worry about product quality and service issues. New store is aimed primarily at higher income, strong purchasing power of consumers, brand appeal, star shopping environment, professional services, and so has a strong appeal. Tao City Network
According to news media reports, the current sales of new stores in many countries throughout the building materials market sales share of 60% -70%, while sales of new stores in our country the proportion is much lower than this, so from long-term development, new stores have great prospects for development. That is why some well-known ceramic industry mainly due to new store brand of courage settled, but settled on the new store brand also set a higher threshold, visibility and influence is not strong ceramic brand is difficult to have the opportunity to enter.
Emerging Marketplace short time is difficult to dominate
New store rents are usually higher than traditional building materials market, higher business operating costs; building materials supermarket business area limited by the smaller single-brand products exhibition space, it is difficult to achieve experiential marketing; building materials supermarket product categories is much less than traditional building materials market, consumer choice is limited; building materials supermarket brand products are high prices, mainly for high-end consumer groups, and traditional building materials market with low high school products are mostly for broader consumer groups, the greater the flow of people.
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