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Focus 2011 five ceramic industry trends
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:17 ReadNum:
In crude oil, coal, mineral based raw materials and chemical raw materials rose sharply in the environment, China's building ceramics, sanitary ware industry have gone through a difficult 2010. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2010 the ceramic industry total industrial output value 166.052 billion yuan, an increase of 33.77 percent, the growth rate increased by 16.17 percentage points compared with 2009. How our prospects and trends in the development of the ceramic industry in 2011? Luo Xiao Bian lists five trends in 2011 ceramic industry.
Trend: rising costs
First half of 2010, the market price climbing higher and higher raw material ceramic. In June, praseodymium oxide from 160,000 yuan / ton rose to 210,000 yuan / ton, zinc oxide, also rose 600 yuan / ton, zirconium imports rose by $ 100 / ton, the domestic zirconia rose 1,000 yuan / ton. Copper, cobalt, nickel and other nonferrous metals in the international market prices and boost ocean affected by higher prices, domestic prices also rose pigment 15% to 30%. Further, as a color glaze frit important raw material prices also increased, rising by as much as 20%. From 2010 to the present, chemical raw materials prices rose more than 100 percent, coal prices by a minimum of 700 yuan / ton up to nearly a thousand dollars. In addition, labor costs, logistics costs, water and electricity prices also increased. Production costs continue to increase, a considerable part of the production, enterprise efficiency decline and even loss of low-end products.
Trends: oversupply
In recent years, with the escalation of transfer of ceramic industry, ceramic-producing areas everywhere. According to statistics, except Tibet, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, almost all built ceramic production lines. In addition to Foshan, Zibo, Jiajiang, Jinjiang and other areas outside the traditional ceramics, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning and other places new areas are emerging. Such as Jiangxi high security, as of October 2010, up to 91 ceramic enterprises, a total investment of 17.9263 billion yuan, of which 55 ceramic production enterprises, the proposed building and sanitary ceramics production line 302. At this stage there are 69 enterprises under construction, of which 50 enterprises have been put into production. In 2010, the local building ceramics enterprises main business income of a total of 100 billion yuan, the total output of nearly 350 million square meters, to complete the tax over a hundred million.
Chongqing Siweiciye built 9 modern tunnel kilns and three shuttle kilns, forming an annual output of 4.5 million high profile sanitary ceramics, 4 million square meters of glazed tiles, 30000 Bath, 900,000 sets of metal accessories supporting production ability. A sharp increase in production capacity, product oversupply, while industry-wide sales rose less-than output growth, industry-wide oversupply and structural contradictions are still prominent problems restricting the development of the industry. Market supply and demand will be further intensified, excessive expansion of production capacity will be further intensified competition in the market, will gradually evolve into affect in 2011 ceramic industry sustained and healthy development of the principal contradiction.
Trend three: innovation
Over the years, the expansion ceramics development process, the more exposed serious flaws in China's ceramic industry in product design and R & D presence, product homogeneity is serious, shorter product life cycles, reduce profitability, product development into dilemma. An official said Foshan ceramic enterprises, enterprise self-development capacity in China is still urgent need to strengthen the soft underbelly of ceramics enterprises. "Innovation" is the focus of a 2011 national economic work is a fundamental strategic deployment of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and even longer in the future of science and technology development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading made as a transformation of economic development mode important means of innovation will be referred to an important position. Management innovation and technology innovation will be the subject of development of construction ceramics industry in 2011, from imitation to innovation will be the main theme of building ceramics industry of technological development in 2011.
Trend four: the two economies
That is a low-carbon economy and circular economy. Future ceramic enterprises in order to sustained and healthy development, facing the risk of policy uncertainty and even more. "Twelve Five" period, the government will give top priority to low-carbon and environmental protection. This means may be in the position to achieve a low-carbon environmental protection enterprises can survive; this means that the industry will move towards health, to the green. Low-carbon economy is a low energy consumption, low pollution, low-emission-based economic model, and its essence is to improve energy efficiency and create clean energy structure, the core is technological innovation, a fundamental shift in system innovation development concept. The best way to break the bottleneck of Environment and Natural Resources is to develop a low-carbon and recycling economy, it will help improve the efficiency of energy resources and reduce environmental pollution, promoting innovation and sustainable development of the industry.
Trend five: the development of rural market
Statistics show that China's domestic market has been for many years to maintain more than 15% growth in sales volume exceeded 650 billion yuan. With start building new rural construction and national large-scale water conservancy and other infrastructure, the rural market demand will be further expanded in 2011, will be the highlight of ceramic appliances. It is foreseeable that first-tier cities market space that has been developed close to saturation, enterprises should further explore the market, only continue to expand the sales territory. Our second and third line market consumption capacity strengthened, second and third-line market will be the main battlefield of ceramic enterprises. Coming decades, with urbanization, substantial growth of small and medium-scale urban construction investment, the housing industry and people's living standards improve, these areas of high-quality, versatile green building materials and system integration residential products factory the demand will grow rapidly, to the development of ceramics industry provides a large room for growth, ceramic enterprises in rural areas will be highly concerned about the market, the rural market will attract more enterprises to enter ceramics.
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