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Industry News porcelain everywhere in China Ceramic Industry crazy expansion movement
Date:2021-11-18 11:11:09 ReadNum:
2009, is located in Henan Neihuang proposed to create "Central Plains porcelain" blueprint. Neihuang and ceramic industry after run-in two years, and now together ushered in the "honeymoon period", in September 2010, to the outside world Neihuang officially hit the "Central Plains porcelain" planning objectives.
"Huang is internal, with the completion of the ceramic industry is a nice debut." The industry believes that, but behind it is a nationwide pottery-producing areas of expansion impulse movement.
"Porcelain" everywhere
To create "porcelain capital" not only Neihuang, neither the first nor the last one. The industry believes that it is behind the pottery-producing areas nationwide expansion of a movement impulse.
"Now the National Ceramic park layout mess, Henan and most chaotic." Henan a true assessment of the industry's current layout of building ceramics industry, industrial layout too close, like Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan and other places have been running out of time, out of war "pandemonium." Henan terms of scope, and ceramic industry segmentation Neihuang cake there near Hebi City, Changge City, Ruyang County, Luoyang, Nanyang City, Pingdingshan City, and other pottery are also stepping up the pace of industrial layout. Most concern is not far away Ruyang, Hebi and simultaneously played within the yellow "to build the largest ceramics base in Henan Province" scenario, which compete with each other can be imagined.
More quite it means that more than 70 kilometers from the city of Hebi Neihuang also played create "central China ceramic base", and within the yellow "Central Plains porcelain" would be similar. Reporters in the city of Hebi Shilin ceramic industry ceramic industry park planning publicity presentation, the park a total planned area of ​​12.6 square kilometers, "The goal is three years to build 60 production lines, five years to build 100 production lines, will become the largest in central coastal region to undertake ceramics industry transfer park, 10 million people the size of a small city. " In the industry view about Hebi City, with "China Ceramic aircraft carrier," said the new source of ceramic is settled in a new starting point, Hebi Hebi development of ceramic industry. Assistant general manager of Guangdong new source of ceramic marketing center in Henan section Qing Peng in an interview with reporters, in 2009 April 20 Nisshin source of the Group Hebi 10th production base production base foundation, October 17, 2010, a new source of ceramic Henan marketing Center exhibition opened campaign marks a new source of ceramic into the hinterland of the central Plains, Hebi base as the center of radiation surrounding provinces has been fully started, also means that the development of ceramic industry Hebi taken up the banner.
"Competitive pressure is too great." A person in charge admitted Ceramic Industrial Park, is now very competitive, with the adjacent ceramic parks compete to attract foreign investors. Many parks in the face of the strategic expansion of building ceramics enterprises, transfer of industries, central and western regions want to seize this opportunity, took all the stops to attract customers. In Ruyang, a local government official frank "pressure, good to say" on the development of ceramic industry and planning, but declined to be interviewed. "Low-key, to keep a low profile." In response, the official told reporters.
Looking at the country, Sichuan Jiajiang "Western porcelain", Shandong Luozhuang "Lunan porcelain", Inner Mongolia Erdos "Northern porcelain" Hebeigaoyi "Jiangbei porcelain" and rise, more severe, the ceramic-producing areas has broken through the Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian and other areas of the old situation, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Guangxi and other parts of the country ceramics industrial park everywhere.
"In addition, Hainan Province, the country has a ceramic production lines under construction." One industry veteran this respect. Foshan Ceramic Industry Association Secretary-General Yin Hong in an interview with this reporter thus described: Before 2006, China's building and sanitary ceramics industry structure essentially "three mountains two Jiang Yihai", in fact focused on building ceramics in Foshan, Zibo ( Boshan), Jinjiang, Jiajiang, in 2006 the national production of 43 million square meters, which was four to yield more than 80% of national output. But after 2006, China's ceramic industry in an unprecedented rapid development, four consecutive years of double-digit growth in 2009, national production over 6.4 billion square meters, an increase of nearly 50%, and in the first half of 2010 continued maintain growth. In 2009, production of ceramic products increased by more than 50% of the provinces of Liaoning, Jiangxi, Hubei, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Henan, Hunan, Shanxi and other eight provinces. "Growth largest province reached 268%." Yin Hong sigh.
Behind the "porcelain capital" of heat
"Investors are actively looking for more way out, as a local government is the ceramic industry in your hands become the meat and potatoes." An industry analysis, refraction is behind the yellow similar situation around and within: the poor. With the country in the ceramics industry "East Porcelain lose", "Southern porcelain north," the occasion, have to undertake the ceramics industry want with the power to change the face of poverty has long been local.
In Ruyang County, Henan Province, the county is an authentic large agricultural county. Ruyang located in western Henan Funiu Mountain, 75 kilometers away from Luoyang city, unique advantages in resources, abundant development of ceramic industry required quartz sand, clay and other raw materials. "These are baby county, the county may be due to poor economic base, weak economic foundation, coupled with previously restricted geographical conditions and other potential resources have not been fully realized, economic development is lagging behind, it is a national poverty alleviation and development focus one of the county. "Ruyang County a staff of anonymity, said that local workers average monthly wage of less than 1,000 yuan. The source told reporters that when Ruyang county government believes Ruyang county economy to achieve the overall revitalization, it is necessary to further rely on mineral resources, increase investment, extend the industrial chain, take the industry-led development of county economy roads, ceramics industry chain length, quick economic benefit, also become the choice of doing my part.
"Development of ceramic industry, require a longer chain up and down, and this industry is a cluster industry in driving local employment, promote local economic development and local revenues have a positive effect." Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Miao Bin believes that the ceramic industry in driving the economy, employment at the same time, to better promote local visibility through the ceramic industry business cards, provide favorable conditions for further investment.
"More of a local government behavior." One unnamed government officials believe is behind the ceramic industry can provide important political capital for the career development of local government officials. The official said that the construction of the ceramic industry and other industries frequently 3 years or 5 years of construction speed, its construction fast, effective, and in the next local government term, you can see real economic benefits. And this view has been more successful sample: Gao'an (county-level cities), the former party secretary transferred to Deputy Mayor Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi, Hubei Qichun former secretary transferred to a prefecture-level city Municipal Committee Faku former county party secretary of Liaoning Province was transferred to an important sector leaders in Shenyang city, Sichuan Jiajiang county party secretary will be transferred to a prefecture-level city's main leaders ......
Perhaps it is optimistic about the ceramic industry has brought tangible economic and political advantages behind, many local governments become the National Ceramic Industry "fans", keen to create "porcelain capital" has become a matter of course.
Ceramic industry in high efficiency with risk
Ruyang end of October, the day has been overcast, depressing.
At a time when more depressing is the person in charge of the local ceramic enterprises. "Now the national energy saving pressure on local enterprises limited power, limited production requirements are very strict." A local ceramics company official told reporters, ceramic enterprises as a high energy-consuming enterprises energy conservation is the focus of their business just into the construction, production track conditions encountered headache.
"Only strong ceramics is still functioning." This is the name of the responsible person briefed reporters, the current pressure on energy conservation in the country, local companies are being limited power production, as high energy consumption, power consumption of building ceramics industry is the limited power of key industries, and some other ceramic enterprises has not yet put into production, while others have just shut down production would face destiny. The parties, Ruyang ceramics industry in the development, on the initial stage of construction by the outside world's attention and questioned several times due to environmental issues such as media exposure. This statement has been confirmed Ruyang County Propaganda Department of the person concerned. The official told reporters, some media came Ruyang expressed interest in the development of ceramic industry, to be reported, then appeared in environmental protection, energy conservation and other negative reports, media interviews Ruyang now very cautious.
And in Hebi, pottery industry is facing the situation is not easy. November 10, the reporter went Hebi City Ceramic Industrial Park, Shilin interview, the park Party Working Committee, the CMC vice chairman Huolin directly rejected a reporter's interview. "Park ceramics industry because of environmental, land approval and so many problems exposed by the media, so the government media are careful." A local source told reporters. Reporters learned that as early as April 2010, the central-level media on the "Henan Hebi Ceramic Industrial Park covers an area of" suspense "" as the subject reported that the construction of the park involved in land issues. The report said, begin renting park land occupied by farmers contracted fashion field, yearly rent paid to the villagers, the city Hill City Shilin Township King Village, East Village home black horse Village, West Malaysia Village, East Village Shilin 10 administrative villages will face thousands of acres of farmland disappear. In this survey of media reports, the State Council on July 18, 2003, Kusakabe issued a "State Council on the types of development zones to suspend approval notice" (SCS power [2003] No. 30), calling for "self-present under the notification issued from the date of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and the State Council departments, will be suspended approval of new establishment and expansion of all types of development zones. "July 30, 2003, under the State Council and inform the various development was sorted out after the national Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Land and published a list of consolidation after the various development zones and four areas in which there is no "Hebi ceramic industrial Park" name, Hebi City, Hill City Land Bureau also failed to provide land acquisition approval.
Undoubtedly, as the high pollution, high energy consumption of ceramic industry in environmental protection and resources is an inescapable fact, "1/2 land, 1/3 power, 1/6 tax" is the industry of Zibo Ceramic true description of industry. A large domestic ceramic enterprises responsible person told reporters, when a new ceramic-producing areas newly formed, the local government to give a favorable policy environment, industry, and gradually formed a certain scale of the problems exposed when catching the environment, but has been formed the unavoidable pollution facts. "The most prominent is the issue of land, producing pottery in this expansion, the local government money, but can not directly benefit the people." The person to introduce, a general building ceramics enterprises covering about 1,000 acres or 2,000 acres, also requires a minimum of 300 acres of land.
Moreover, the production range consequences of vicious competition has begun to appear. About November 15, shut down all the areas, now a month earlier than usual time. The industry believes a company official, the National Ceramic areas everywhere, so that the current production capacity is too large, excess, Faku areas will inevitably be affected, "This situation will affect the market next year," the market is not optimistic scenario.
"Ceramic producing product sales all over the country are not." The Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Miao Bin, in an interview with reporters this analysis, lack of new ceramic enterprises producing innovation, product homogeneity serious, causing no order serious competition fierce price war spread throughout the industry, corporate reputation is mixed. Liao Bin believes that ceramic enterprises have been faced with the threat of the negative impact of energy and other resources are exhausted and local government policy changes, with the improvement of people's living standards, we do not want to live in "high pollution, high energy consumption," the environment, environmental protection the problem is getting worse.
Opinion, building ceramics industry in a sense, is also a high-risk industry, construction ceramics producing areas need more than temporary "impulse."
Ceramic industry reshuffle?
"Ceramic industry has developed rapidly, how healthy and sustainable development has been placed in front of us." The Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Miao Bin bluntly, building ceramics industry throughout the local economy has brought immediate economic benefits. But as the impression of high energy consumption, high pollution of traditional industries, we had to face land, environmental protection, local investment competition, product sales pressure, but more urgent is how to make the industry more standardized and healthy development.
The Secretary-General said the Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, Hong Yin this view, since the proportion of logistics cost increases, ceramic products and more obvious characteristics of regional markets, and directly led to the production of regionalization, while building ceramics industry has Clustering features, but also easily lead to too much pressure on the cluster of environmental protection and energy consumption, the new pattern of building ceramics industry will be fully exhibit relatively large dispersion range, limited focus on a small area, perhaps a focus 100-150 production line is a relatively reasonable size. In the process of building ceramics industry for further development, the new ceramic-producing areas will compete with each other in the advantages of raw materials, energy resources, and other aspects related to regional advantages gradually perfect a new pattern of ceramic industry and industrial systems, various ceramic-producing areas will complete its industrial positioning, sustainable development of China's ceramic industry will also be entering a new phase, manufacturing and sales market regionalization regionalization features ceramic products are fully formed. Yin Hong said that in the four years of rapid development, expansion, building ceramics industry pattern is quietly undergoing changes, the old industrial pattern is beginning to break, a new prototype of the industrial structure is gradually taking shape, but the new industrial system has not been fully constitute, in other words, the development of new industrial pattern of breaking the old industrial structure, revealed some of the development direction of the new pattern of building ceramics industry, but from the stable formation of a new pattern of ceramic industry is still a considerable distance, the new situation, pottery industry and the development of new areas under the pattern has been widespread concern industry, government and ceramic enterprises.
"In 2010 the development of China's ceramic industry will revolve around the formation of a new pattern of China's ceramic industry development forward." Yin Hong, described to reporters, the current building ceramics industry continues to expand, transfer of industry is gradually put in place, the new industry pattern has basically formed the prototype of the new industrial system has not fully constituted, we are evolving perfected. The new pattern of China's ceramic industry is based on regional manufacturing, sales and marketing for the characterization of regionalization, in order to minimize costs, maximize the benefits for the parenchyma. In Hong Yin opinion, this time the strength of the respective merits of competition emerging ceramic producing areas will be in full swing, many confused faces probably will also appear.
In Miao Bin opinion, the rapid development of ceramic industry for over 30 years, as the cluster-based industries to the development of backward regions has a leading role in the regional distribution of building ceramics industry is a trend, ceramic industry as a resource and energy industries, low added value, low industrialization, when welcome, after the completion of the task, will bring hidden dangers appear, companies should bear the greatest responsibility for this, a clear grasp of the development of the industry.
"Rise and Fall of the energy saving industry at stake." Miao Bin said that energy conservation is the ceramic enterprises must take the path of the future, China Construction Ceramics Association of Health will be issued guidance in 2011, energy and guidance linked to profits, grasp industry artery, eliminate backward production capacity.
More we believe that the ceramic industry of gold already in the past, more intense competition still to come, the next step when facing a re-shuffle.
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